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Although I do charge for shipping, I am more than happy to meet you to deliver your purchases if you are reasonably local. I know that shipping can add extra charges to an order, but I do try to ship the most economical, safest way possible. I hesitate to ship certain lighted Gourds, for example, that can be fragile to ship. The lighted glass blocks are sturdy, but are heavy and that shipping charge mounts up! If you can meet to pick up your merchandise, your shipping charges will be refunded. Just email me!

Many of my signs can be created using alternate colors, not shown on the website. I am happy to create your sign in a desired color, again, just email me and I will work with you to complete a satisfactory product. 

The Trash to Treasure items are one of a kind. The surface is limited to my findings as I scavange for trash. However, if you have fallen in love with a piece that has sold out, I can usually easily adapt it to an available piece in my treasure trove of junk. As a side note, these recycled pieces often have dings and dents, that only add to their character, not unlike rescuing a mutt from the pound!

A couple of things I am asked on a regular I paint special orders??? The answer is pretty much no. I stress myself out trying to please the customer so much that I really don't enjoy it. I have made exceptions, but generally, I find it difficult to paint on an unknown piece that may not lend itself to the type of paint or designs that I paint. 

Another I discount?? Nope. I work hard to create a product that I'm proud of and I treat this business as a job that I love. I appreciate the fact that you are purchasing from me, but what you don't see are the number of hours and money I have tied into my created pieces. Please don't be offended, I just value my time and art.

And one final question I get asked...where do I buy my merchandise?? Huh? No. I do not buy my hand created merchandise from China, or Hong Kong, or the Philippines, or Mexico. Yes, that's a real question I've been asked. I make it all myself, folks, and even cut a lot of my own wood!

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