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Welcome to The Bunkin Patch

Guys, I'm so bad about updating this site! I just want to create and my website gets lost in the sorry. BUT.. I have many new and exciting things coming for Christmas 2023! Tons of new ornaments!! I bought a laser cutter about 18 months ago, and it has been a tremendous time saver! Fewer hours cutting and sanding in my sweaty garage, for one thing, which means more new product! I also figured out how to bar code all key merchandise, so for my Howard County peeps..should make for quicker checkout!

Hoping to update the products on this site in the next few days. Please be patient! The Bunkin Patch will be at Howard County's Holiday Mart once again..which still remains my best show; and Kris Kringle Market at the Charles County Fairgrounds.   Dates and times are posted under events.

Thank you all for remaining with me all these years! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Trash to Treasure