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The standing vintage truck is absolutely adorable in person! The truck comes standard with the home and family inserts. The unique capability of this truck is that interchangeable inserts are available for a variety of occasions and celebrations! The license plate and tailgate are magnetic, which makes for easy conversion to one of the many holiday and occasion selections. The interchangeable insert in each collection fits snugly into the truck "bed.' 

The truck pictured comes with two basic options: black on one side, red on the reverse; or, black on one side, white on the reverse. This two sided option adds to the versatility of the truck with the many different available inserts. Please 


Truck with Home and Family inserts is $35; it stands approximately 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. The truck is inserted into a firm base and all pieces are made with MDF but have been painted with high quality acrylic paint. 

Inserts are priced at $18 a set, with more styles coming! Please message me if you would prefer a color change or need a specific holiday or occasion for the inserts!

Standing Vintage Truck

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